Our pork is sourced from a local slaughterhouse and quality checked before it goes on sale, all to make sure that we provide you with only the best of British pork.


Our huge selection of pork cuts, sausages and bacon are guaranteed to tickle just about anybody's fancy.


Pork & Gammon


Best for grilling or frying:


  • Pork fillets

  • Pork chops

  • Pork steaks

  • Chinese-style stir-fry pork

  • Gammon steak


Roasting joints:


  • Shoulder of pork

  • Boneless pork loin

  • Pork ribs

  • Chinese-style pork ribs

  • Gammon joint




We have an assortment of different sausages, including our own Gold Label selection, for you to pick and choose from.


  • Thin pork handlinks

  • Thick pork handlinks

  • Cumberland

  • Curly Cumberland

  • Beef

  • Gluten-free pork

  • Gold Label Pork & Tomato

  • Gold Label Pork & Sage

  • Gold Label Pork & Mushroom

  • Gold Label Pork & Leek

  • Gold Label Extra Lean Pork

  • Gold Label Pork & Sweet Chilli




The variety of our bacon counter will spoil you for choice - we'll gladly welcome you in to try our full range.


  • Back bacon

  • Middle cut bacon

  • Streaky bacon

  • Danish bacon chops

  • Standish cured bacon

  • Standish cured bacon chops

  • Smoked bacon

  • Smoked bacon chops

  • Bacon ribs

  • Bacon pieces

  • Dry cured treacle bacon - winner of the Great Taste 2015 award!


If you have any queries about particular cuts, concerns about possible allergens, or even just want a little advice on preparing or cooking your purchase, our friendly and knowledgeable team are willing to help. Just ask at the counter!

Above: a range of our pork, gammon and bacon produce, including Chinese-style pork ribs, gammon joints, and pork steaks.


Below: a display of our range of sausages.

Above: some of our bacon and gammon products.

Below: our very own Gold Label sausages.