Our Special Ranges


While we make every effort to supply as much of our own produce as possible, there are some things we just can't make in-house. That's where our Special Ranges come in. The Chadwick Family have partnered up with a number of the very best British producers to provide the most enjoyable all-round selection of foods and flavours we can find.


Many of our Special Ranges are also available in our cafe bar and restaurant 1817.

For delicious ways to enhance your Chadwick's produce, you can choose from our wide variety:


  • an assortment of the sauces and spices by Seasoned Pioneers (a favourite of chefs Delia Smith and Rick Stein)

  • the range of glazes and marinades from Flava It, a Manchester-based family company with an excellent international reputation

  • flavoured oils and balsamic vinegars courtesy of the family-run Yorkshire Drizzle (based, obviously, in Yorkshire!)

  • a selection of the hand-made and seasonal chutneys and jams from In A Pickle in the West Country.


We even have honey sourced from Wigan and the rural areas of Lancashire.

We've got three bakeries working together to give us the freshest bread, cakes and pastries we can lay our hands on - Greenhalgh's, Waterfields and Fletchers all provide us with a range of their fresh-baked products.


Our fruit & veg comes from The Salad Bowl, a Horwich greengrocer with a strong commitment to independent trading and a friendly, approachable attitude.

Even our crisps are made and flavoured with all-UK ingredients - Pipers Crisps have an award-winning range and source all of their flavourings from British farms.

When it comes to the sweet stuff, we stock Sticky Toffee Puddings from the Cartmel Village Shop, and the award-winning Cheshire Farm Ice Cream Shop gives you a variety of flavours from which to choose. And if you're looking for something to nibble on the go, we've found that Santus Toffee from the famous Uncle Joe's is right up there with the very best.

No doubt you'd be feeling thirsty after all that - luckily you can find some delicious drinks courtesy of our partners. Among our stock are wines from the Strawberry Hill, Three Choirs and Bolney vineyards, all UK-based and working tirelessly to improve and expand their range of excellent English wines. We are also supplied by Cairn O'Mohr, a Scottish winery that uses local fruits and wild berries in its produce.

We also have beers and ales from Prospect Brewery, a Standish-based company who have been providing us with bottled beers since they began production, and Dunscar Bridge Brewery, a more recent partner based in the Bolton area.

One of our more unusual - but very tasty - drinks comes in the form of SLOEmotion No.7, from the SLOEmotion company based in Yorkshire. A gin-based fruit cup made from fresh fruits, flowers and herbs of the British countryside, it is recommended as a mixer with lemonade, lots of ice, and a garnish of sliced citrus, summer fruit and mint. Perfect for summer... or any time of year, really!