Like our beef, Chadwick's lamb is sourced from local farmers, who are able to provide us with spring lamb almost all year. Our lamb produce is always prepared when it is at its very finest to ensure customer satisfaction.


We take pride in our fresh lamb cuts, and recommend the best cooking methods to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your meal.


We recommend you grill or fry:


  • Loin chops

  • Leg chops

  • Cutlets

  • Steak

  • Minted lamb chops


The best roasts are:


  • Leg

  • Shoulder

  • Mini roast

  • Rack of lamb


For braising, casseroles and slow cooking:


  • Neck fillet

  • Lamb shanks

  • Minty Lamb Henry


We also have fine lamb mince and spicy kofta meatballs for you to make your own delicious dishes with.


If you have any queries about particular cuts, concerns about possible allergens, or even just want a little advice on preparing or cooking your purchase, our friendly and knowledgeable team are willing to help. Just ask at the counter!

Above: A display of fresh spring lamb cuts.

Below: Our Minty Lamb Henrys.

Left: Our lamb chops, with fresh asparagus (a popular accompaniment)


Right: Lamb kofta meatballs, made to a delicious spicy recipe.