History of the company

Noel Chadwick was born on 20th July 1915.

His parents, Fred and Alice, were themselves butchers and ran their own shop on Church Street, Standish.

His father died on 25th May 1921, but his mother kept the shop running - with the help of her children - until she died on 24th March 1930.

In and around Standish lived a number of Chadwicks who were farmers or butchers, and were all relatives of Noel's father.

So, Noel - now an orphan at 14 years of age - went to work with his cousin Percy Chadwick who was also a butcher.

In the early 1930s, Noel - now married to Edith - bought premises on Preston Road, Standish.

His shop, Noel Chadwick Family Butcher, thrived and became a familiar landmark in the village for many years to come.

Then, when Noel was called up during the War, his wife - just as his mother before him - ran the shop in his absence.

Since 1761, the Chadwick family have lived and worked within 200 yards of the present High Street site. Throughout these years, we have served the community as both farmers and butchers.

Our common aim has always been to bring the best, local produce to our customers, drawing on the enormous amount of expertise gained in the past and the continual learning process of the present.

It is with a great deal of pride that we provide meat for the community in which we grew up.

On his return from duties, Noel relocated the shop to nearby premises on High Street, Standish.


In the 1950s, he began to offer deliveries within the local area; meat would be cut to the customer's preference on delivery by experienced butchers, rather than pre-ordering a specific piece.


When the catering industry boom began in the 1960s, Noel Chadwick Family Butcher became one of the North-West's main suppliers to the Berni Inns group as well as being the butcher of choice to many of the local prestigious restaraunts.

On the 1st October 1979, Noel acquired a stall in Wigan Market Hall, and refitted it to a standard that, for the time, was considered very futuristic. It quickly became hugely successful as his reputation grew.


This carried on into Wigan New Market Hall in the 90s.

By this point plans were already being drawn up for a butcher's, food hall, deli and restaurant, all at the same High Street location. It was not until the 90s that they were finalised, submitted and passed, and construction work began.


Several of the old buildings were demolished to make way for the new food hall and restaurant. While construction work went on, a Portakabin was set up on-site on the car park to ensure that the business could continue to provide the local community with the best service possible.


Noel continued to build a reputation for selling excellent meat produce right up until his death on 15th November 1995, aged 80 years.

On 16th August 2000, with construction work complete, the business formally re-opened as the Chadwick Family's Emporium of Fine Foods.

Today, Noel Chadwick Ltd is owned by Noel's son John Chadwick (Managing Director and Butcher), and is run with the help of his son Paul (Director and Butcher).


John is proud to keep the name Noel Chadwick in his father's honour, and to continue his practice of providing customers with the finest quality meat and service.