Our chicken supplier keeps us stocked with the very best produce, and over the years we have developed a range of produce, both plain and pre-prepared, that is sure to keep anyone looking for the perfect meal happy.


Naturally, we have the essentials for you to cook in any way you prefer - roasting, grilling, BBQ or as part of your favourite recipes:


  • Whole chickens - perfect for a Sunday roast

  • Full chicken breasts

  • Chicken fillets

  • Chicken thighs

  • Boneless skinless thighs


We also have a range of pre-prepared chicken to save you time and effort:


  • Chicken Kievs - filled with garlic butter and covered in breadcrumbs

  • Chicken parcels - stuffed with our own sausagemeat and wrapped in bacon

  • Ginger, chilli & lime strips - perfect for a taste of the East

  • Lemon pepper chicken - bursting with flavour for a wonderful family meal

  • Hot & spicy wings - among our recommended picks for a summer BBQ

  • Chinese-style wings - a delicious sticky alternative to a local takeaway

  • Greek-style chicken - with a mouth-watering Greek mint dressing

  • Caribbean Kievs - invented by our very own Paul Chadwick, these are prime chicken fillets stuffed with pineapple, coated with ginger, chilli and lime, with a sprinkling of coconut


We stock seasonal poultry - namely Christmas turkeys, geese and extra-large chickens, sourced from our chicken supplier. We happily take orders for the holiday season; for further details, ask in-store or contact us.


If you have any queries about particular cuts, concerns about possible allergens, or even just want a little advice on preparing or cooking your purchase, our friendly and knowledgeable team are willing to help. Just ask at the counter!

 Above: a selection of our chicken produce - chicken breasts, kievs, lemon pepper chicken, Chinese-style wings, ginger-chilli-lime strips, Greek-style chicken, chicken thighs, and boneless skinless thighs


Below: a display of our lemon pepper chicken.